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Objective – To work as an extended arm of our client's admin team with total transparency, in turn to help them relax and use their resources and time for other important jobs.
  1. Vehicle Deployment
    1. Vehicles provided will be roadworthy and in excellent condition
    2. Age of vehicles will not be more than three years old, for light vehicles
    3. All vehicles will be yellow number plate with valid tourist permits registered with the local R.T.O authorities
    4. Vehicles will have all legal registration formalities completed and we keep records of all vehicles deployed to the company, RC, TC, Insurance, Permit and PUC
    5. All vehicles will be covered under comprehensive Insurance
    6. All vehicles will have Music player, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Box, Umbrella, Torch, Tissue papers and Perfume
    7. Vehicles will be kept in a clean and well-maintained condition with special regards to general look, upholstery and flooring
    8. Vehicles will be equipped with means of communication, e.g. Mobile

  2. Drivers Deployment and Absenteeism
    1. All drivers provided will be smart and well behaved with a sound background
    2. All drivers carry a valid driving license, to drive a Tourist Vehicle
    3. We keep records of drivers i.e. finger prints, ration card copy, photographs.
    4. We will submit the above details to the police station for their records
    5. Incase the drivers goes on leave due to illness/ on personal reasons for a small duration of 1-2 days, driver rotation from non – dedicated Bus will be done.
    6. In case the driver goes on long leave, a new driver will be replacing the driver on leave.
    7. In case of ‘No show’ by the driver without prior information, we will rotate the driver within the fleet who is off at that point of time and introduce a new driver on an immediate basis with proper verifications.

  3. Route familiarization
    1. Driver inducted will be from pune city / PCMC area and dry run (on indicab or other vehicle) may be conducted for the route in which he will ply the Buses.
    2. Otherwise the inducted driver may be guided by the supervisors at the site for the entire route.
    3. A routine meeting will be conducted at the site for briefing and training

  4. Break down of vehicle
    1. In case the bus/Tavera/Indica has broken down while on its way to first pick up point / or in midway to the office and the time is limiting factor then communication will be send to all the users to hire taxi/cab and will be reimbursed the expenses.
    2. We will send a replace vehicle till the scheduled vehicle is back on road.
Girikand Holidays Pvt. Ltd service in regards to people movement is aimed at helping an Organisation efficiently manage services involved in their executive movement. As a whole we would very aptly project us as a service Organisation to an integrated solution provider.